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Monday, July 2, 2018

How to Communicate with God

How to Communicate with God

To find faith, we need to communicate with God. Good communication is always two-way communication.

To communicate with God, we need to talk to God in joy as well as in sorrow. Quite often, we talk to God only in sorrow, when we feel depressed and no-way-out; we petition our requests to make God give us what we want. Seldom do we share our joy with God; we expect our blessings from Him to be our rights as His children.

Have a heart of gratitude when you communicate with God.

To communicate with God, we need to talk to God as well as to listen to Him. In prayer, we want everything our way, instead of God’s way. We see only the projected result in our mind’s eye, and we stubbornly refuse to listen to what God has prepared for us.

Learn to will all things He wills, to seek His will and not your own.

Your Relationship with God

Good communication with God can bring about friendship, and friendship leads to intimacy. If we are intimate with God, faith is within our reach. God would not hold something out to us, beckon us to receive, and then gradually withdraw or withhold it from us. It is we who half-heartedly back out in our friendship and intimacy with God.  
Learn how to improve your relationship with God, no matter what your current relationship is.

Stephen Lau

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