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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Putting the Mind Where the Body Is

We all age; some age much faster than others. But your mind controls the rate you age, both body and mind. There is a close body-mind connection in humans, especially with respect to aging.

Your mind ages as much and as fast as your body does. The good news is that you can use your mind to stop the aging of both your mind and body: just put your mind where your body is! Anti-aging is putting the mind where the body is.

Your body is now here. But your mind may be elsewhere: your mind may be preoccupied with thoughts of the past, the present, or the future. In other words, your mind is rambling and disconnected, although you may be unaware of it. A chaotic mind produces adverse and detrimental biological and chemical changes, such as the production of stress hormones, and the reduction of human growth hormone (HGH), among others, that bring about the aging process in both the body and mind.

To remedy the situation, put your mind where your body is.

(1) Sit comfortably. Place the back of one hand in the palm of the other, allowing your thumb tips to touch lightly. Rest your hands on your body in line with your lower abdomen.

(2) Breathe mindfully for a minute or two. Be aware of your breaths.

(3) Gently close your eyes. Focus your attention on the flow of your bodily sensations within your awareness, such as the beating of your heart, the tingling and twitching of your muscles, as well as your sense experiences, such as the sounds, smells, and tastes surrounding you.

(4) Meanwhile, thoughts may arise. Release them without any effort or struggle: just let them drift away. If needs be, direct your attention back to your breathing, and again notice your awareness of your physical sensations and experiences.

(5) Continue this process for as long as you like. You will feel the interconnection between your body and mind; it is your conscious awareness of your body that connects your body and mind in a unique way. Essentially, you are putting your mind where your body is in the present moment.

Becoming mindful of your body in the present moment is putting your mind where your body is. This is deep relaxation for both body and mind—the  best antidote to the aging of body and mind.

For more information, visit my web page: How To Meditate.

Are you also mindful of your body?

Body mindfulness makes you not only look younger but also stay healthier. If you are always aware of your body, you will maintain a straight spine, which is the river of life. A straight spine optimizes breathing. Yoga is an exercise that heightens awareness of the spine in all yogi poses to attain a more centered consciousness. Centeredness in the spine is also instrumental in enhancing spiritual awakening.

Body mindfulness begins with optimal breathing and good posture. From my own personal experience, wearing suspenders (for men) goes a long way maintaining an erect posture: tucking in the tummy without the fear of dropping the pants.

Use yoga for body mindfulness, optimal breathing, and good posture.

Stephen Lau
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