Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happiness from Mind Power

Harness your mind power to bring your happiness, which is the ultimate pursuit of many in this day and age. To pursue happiness, you must have the happy intention first.

Every intention begins with the mind. First and foremost, you must have the happiness intention to change your thoughts in order to become happy.

One of the secrets of happiness in life is to harness mind power because happiness has to do with mental perceptions and the capability to change those perceptions. How you perceive an experience is stored in both your conscious mind and subconscious mind. You are the sum of your thoughts, and your thoughts affect your choices and hence your actions, which precipitate happy or unhappy situations in your life.
A perception, of course, cannot change the reality, but it may change the mind. Yes, you can change your mental perceptions with cognitive therapy, which is the use of affirmations and images through visualization. The classic example of a glass half-empty and a glass half-full shows how a perception can make a significant difference in the state of mind of an individual. Indeed, research studies have attested to the capability of mind power to alter mental perceptions by altering neurotransmitters, which are brain chemicals, such as opiates to dull pain, serotonin to increase self-esteem, as well as dopamine to elevate moods.

Harness your mind power to free yourself from the self-imprisonment of self-delusions created by the self-consciousness in your mind. Albert Einstein once said: "A human being is part of the whole called by us 'universe,' a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts, and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison . . . . " Therefore, let go of your self-limiting thoughts that prevent you from truly understanding who you are and what you really want from life. This profound understanding may open the door to further understanding what true happiness is.

So, the first step is to change your perceptions to have a better understanding of not only who you really are, and not who you wish you were, but also what you really need, and not what you want from life. This profound wisdom may make you a better and a happier person as you continue your life journey.  

Be A Better and Happier You WithTao Wisdom: This book contains the whole script of the 81 short chapters of Lao Tzu’s immortal classic TAO TE CHING, which underlies his wisdom (known as Tao wisdom). Understanding his profound wisdom helps you attain true human wisdom  through asking self-intuitive questions, creating an empty mindset with reverse thinking to let go of the ego-self in order to become a better and happier you. Being better and happier is essential to living a life as if everything is a miracle. In order to do just that, you need human wisdom, in particular, the wisdom of the ancient sage from China thousands of years ago.

Stephen Lau

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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Live your stress-free life, not by relaxation, but by following the ancient wisdom from China, which focuses on letting go of your ego-self.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

An Empty Mind

Wisdom begins with an empty mind. 

What is an empty mind? An empty mind is more than just "thinking out of the box": it is reverse thinking to create your own box of thinking. It originates from Lao Tzu, an ancient sage from China, who was born a few centuries before the birth of Christ.

Tao wisdom is the wisdom of Lao Tzu, who was the author of the immortal ancient classic “Tao Te Ching,” one of the most translated books in world literature. The profound wisdom of its author is intriguing and thought-provoking. It requires "reverse" thinking instead of the contemporary "conditioned" mindset to fully understand what Tao wisdom is all about.

Tao wisdom reveals that everything in life is inter-connected, as well as controlled by the natural laws. To live well, we must understand the inter-connection of things, and accordingly obey the natural laws of the universe that govern everything in our lives, including our desires and our expectations of the fulfillment of these desires.

An Empty Mind for Everything (Chapter 3)

An empty mind with no craving and no expectation helps us let go.
Being in the world and not of the world, we attain heavenly grace.

With heavenly grace, we become pure and selfless.
And everything settles into its own perfect place.
(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Why do we need an empty mind?

Life is complex, and living is complicated with its many emotional and material clutters and attachments. To live well, we must learn to let go. The desire for simplicity may accelerate the process of letting go as life progresses.  An empty mind with reverse thinking may be instrumental in letting go of life's attachments.

How do we have an empty mind?

Simplicity is the first step towards detachment, which is the key to unlocking the door to happiness. Live a simple lifestyle, deleting all the trimmings of life and living. To do just that, you need an empty mind: letting go of everything. To create an empty mind, you need mindfulness, which is acute awareness of self and others, as well as your needs and not your wants.

Epicurus, the Greek philosopher, had this advice on how to lead a pleasant life: avoid luxuries and live simply. The explanation is that luxurious living may make you into a needy person whose happiness depends on things easily lost.

Simplicity in living enhances the desire to let go, and letting go attachments diminishes the ego-self, without which an empty mind with reverse thinking may become possible. Wisdom has much to do with clarity of thinking, which increases mind power. Just as Albert Einstein said, "Thinking is difficult, and that's why so people do it." 

Stephen Lau 
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To find out more about Tao wisdom, click here

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mind Power to Live Longer

Your mind is your being: it controls not only how you think and perceive but also how you act and react. If you wish to become a centenarian, harness your mind power in your golden years. If you wish to attain the wisdom in happy and successful aging, utilize your mind power to achieve your goals, and make new waves in your golden years--make them the best in your life ever!

The well-known Okinawa Centenarian Study is a research to study the factors responsible for longevity living for seniors in their golden years. 

According to the Okinawa Centenarian Study, Okinawa has the longest life expectancy in Japan, and probably in the world: at an average of 86.01 years for women, and 77.64 years for men. One of the most important aspects of the Okinawa Centenarian Study is that it is based on solid evidence. The most important evidence needed for any centenarian study is reliable age-verification data.

One of the significant findings is that the mental health plays a pivotal role in aging and longevity living.

Holo Think uses the state-of-the-art brainwave neurotechnology to access any state of mind at any time for total relaxation to enrich your life. You can reach a profound state of peace and personal insight previously only attainable by Zen monks who spent years in quiet, solitary meditation. Enjoy the effects of a “mental bath”—a wave of relaxation that melts stress from your body—and stimulating your mind to bring to the surface brilliant ideas buried deep in your subconscious. With this brainwave technology, you have the ability to access your subconscious mind, where you can identify and eliminate self-imposed limitations and blocks to achieve greater success in life. According to Dr. Gerald Oster, M.D., biophysicist, different sound frequencies are delivered to the brain through each ear separately (such as by using stereo headphones), the two hemispheres of the brain start working together to perceive not the external audio signals, but a third “phantom” signal to access your subconscious mind. It is just that simple! 

Utilize your mind power to live a longevity lifestyle in your golden years through total tranquility of the mind!

Read my book: Your Golden Years and Santa Claus. It explains why it is important to increase mind power for happy and successful aging in the golden years. Learn how to think like Santa Claus to overcome memory loss and other mental problems as you continue to age, as well as how to change your perspectives of health, money, and spiritual issues encountered in your golden years.

Stephen Lau

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sleep to Increase Mind Power

Does sleep have to do with your mind power? Absolutely!

According to a recent CNN report: "Are you a truck driver or shift worker planning to catch up on some sleep this weekend?

"Cramming in extra hours of shut-eye may not make up for those lost pulling all-nighters, new research indicates.

"The damage may already be done -- brain damage, that is, said neuroscientist Sigrid Veasey from the University of Pennsylvania.

"The widely held idea that you can pay back a sizeable "sleep debt" with long naps later on seems to be a myth, she said in a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

"Long-term sleep deprivation saps the brain of power even after days of recovery sleep, Veasey said. And that could be a sign of lasting brain injury. . . "

According to yet another recent CNN report: "Can a lack of sleep affect the size of your brain? It's possible, a recent study published in an online issue of Neurology suggests.
"European researchers looked at 147 adults between the ages of 20 and 84. With two MRI scans, they examined the link between sleep problems like insomnia and the study participants' brain volume. The first scan was taken before patients completed a questionnaire pertaining to their sleep habits. The second scan was done approximately 3½ years later.

"The questionnaire showed that 35% of those in the study met the criteria for poor sleep health. Investigators found that those with sleep problems had a more rapid decline in brain volume or size over the course of the study than those who slept well.

"The results were even more significant in participants over the age of 60. . ."

From the above, you can see how sleep can increase your mind power.

Stephen Lau
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Monday, January 4, 2016

Create Positive Thinking for 2016

Now, 2016 is here. Create a positive mindset for positive thinking for 2016.

According to James Allen, author of As A Man Thinketh, men are “makers of themselves” and the human mind is the “master-weaver, both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance.” Therefore, we have become who we are and what we have become by way of our own thinking over the years. In short, we are the sum of our own thoughts, and as a result, our minds control how we think and what we do. Therefore, the importance of the human mind cannot be overstated.

Given the fact that we all have a physical body living in a physical world, our bodies with their five senses (seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and touching) are constantly exposed to sensual sensations around us that may create desires, and some of which are toxic to the mind.  To live as if everything is a miracle, we need to empower the mind with positive thinking.

Empower the mind with subliminal messages, which work as a mild form of self-hypnosis—slowly and gradually sending suggestions into your subconscious mind to change any incorrect self-beliefs, wrong ways of thinking, and even undesirable patterns of behavior. These subliminal messages not only allow you to bypass your "logical" conscious mind but also to overcome any resistance that may hold you back, thereby enabling you to access your subconscious mind with positive messages for mind empowering. Because of this state-of-the-art technology, you can develop in ways which would not be normally possible with your conscious personal development alone. Subliminal messages are powerful tools for mind empowering. Science and technology have made it possible to increase mind power to live a better and happier life.

Once you have mastered the subliminal messages, you can master your mind by controlling its thoughts. Remember, you are your thoughts, and your life is a byproduct of your thoughts. As Napoleon Hill, the famous writer, said: "What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Yes, you can achieve success in your career, weight loss, relationships, or just about anything. The possibilities are limitless.

Stephen Lau
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Monday, December 14, 2015

Dealing With Memory Loss

Do you know that your mental decline as you continue to age may be due to altered connections among brain cells? The good news is that research has shown keeping your brain active not only increases its vitality but also builds its reserves of brain cells and connections.

So, use your memory to keep your brain healthy.

Research has also indicated that low levels of education are linked to a higher risk of Alzheimer's disease later in life. This may be due to a lower level of lifelong mental stimulation. That is to say, the more educated you are, the less chance you will get Alzheimer's disease—or at least the development of symptoms of dementia may appear much later in life.

So, take up some art courses or a computer class if you are computer illiterate.

Research has further shown that those who are bi-lingual and who constantly use two languages on a daily basis tend to develop greater immunity from the early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

So, learn a new or foreign language in your senior years.

In short, your brain activities are responsible for your brain health, and that is why keeping your memory sharp is fighting Alzheimer’s.

Memory loss is rather common as you age. However, it does not necessarily mean that you're going to have Alzheimer's disease. But combat memory loss like a disease. It is a misconception that you should write down what you need to do in order not to forget—well, that's only a very passive way of dealing with the problem of memory loss. It's very much like "cutting you toes to avoid the worms." Remember, if you don't use your brain power, you will lose it. It's that simple. Don't try to remember things the easy way; there’s a better way: make your brain more powerful and efficient..

Memory Improvement Techniques shows you how to harness fully your brain power. It unlocks the secrets to a perfect computer-like memory in just about 5 minutes a day. Remember, at any age, your memory is powerful; the only problem is that it is untrainedMemory Improvement Techniques does just thattraining you to acquire the skills of "flash memorization." You don't need to read memory books, or attend expensive memory workshops; just get the book, in which you will find everything you need to know about improving your memory. This book will make you proud of your memory—and it may help you fight Alzheimer's disease.

Stephen Lau
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Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Happiness Mindset

The word "happiness" has its origin from the Icelandic word "happ" meaning "chance" or "luck." That is to say, there is no guarantee in life that the search for happiness will result in finding happiness, although nearly every one seeks happiness as one of the main purposes of life. As a matter of fact, the quest for happiness is like the carrot-and-a-stick in front of a mule: not only always painful but also forever unattainable.

In many ways, the human brain is like a computer program. Your whole being is like the computer hardware with the apparatus of a mind, body, and senses. The lens through which you see yourself, as well as others and the world around you, is the software that has been programmed by your thoughts, your past and present experiences, your own expectations as well as those of others. In other words, you and nobody else have programmed your mindset; all these years, you may have been trapped in a constricted sense of self that has prevented you from knowing and being who you really are. The power of the mind is that your thoughts can make you "think" and "believe" you are who and what you are; but nothing could be further from the truth. Now, you must harness your mind power to "change" that conditioned mindset. There is wisdom in changing your mindset so that you will know your true self, and not what you "think" who and what you have now become. Without knowing who you really are, as well as your needs-not your wants-as well as those of others, you can never be genuinely happy because you are always looking for the unreal and therefore the unattainable.

Human unhappiness comes from attachment to desires and expectations to fulfill and satisfy the ego-self. Letting go of the attachment enables one not only to live in the present moment but also to live as if everything is a miracle.

We are all living in a world full of problems. As a result, we have developed a problem-solving mindset or mentality, naively believing that by solving others' problems, we could also solve our own. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Be A Better and Happier You With Tao Wisdom

Part One of my book explains the prerequisites of human wisdom. Without true human wisdom, it is almost impossible to perceive the innate human goodness in self, as well as in others. Human goodness leads to the attributes of genuine human happiness.

Part Two is the complete translation of the 81 short chapters of Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching" in simple English for readers to understand the complex and controversial wisdom of “Tao Te Ching.”

Part Three highlights the essentials of Tao wisdom, and shows how it can be applied to contemporary living so that you may live as if everything is a miracle to be a better and happier you.

To be a better and happier you is both easy and difficult: Tao wisdom is easy to understand with an empty mind, but difficult to assimilate its depth and profoundness

To download the digital copy of my book, click here; to get the paperback edition, click here.

Learn how to get the happiness mindset to live your life as if everything is a miracle.

Stephen Lau
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oriental Exercises for Stress Relief

Use Oriental exercises to empower your mind for stress relief.

Stress becomes more prevalent and pronounced as aging continues. Stress is major factor in the cause of diseases and disorders. When you are in chronic stress, your body uses its DHEA and thus impairs the normal functioning of your body's hormonal glands as well as your immune system. Stress may be caused by work, time-stress, financial stress, relationship stress, and health issues stress, among others. 

Use exercise to heal, because it has to do with the mind, the body, and the spirit. Natural healing is holistic healing, which is healing of the body, the mind, and the spirit. In order to heal, the mind must have the intent to heal, and the body must be ready for healing; during the healing process, the spirit must be energized to overcome any setback or obstacle that may interrupt with the healing process. Exercise can heal the body, the mind, and the spirit

If you think you have neither the endurance nor the strength to exercise, then go for qi gongtai chi, or yoga; these Oriental exercises focus on gentle natural movements accompanied by optimum breathing to benefit both the body and the mind.

Qi Gong is a set of self-healing exercises designed to balance your qi (internal life energy), bringing you back into harmony with Nature. These exercises incorporate your posturemovementbreathingmeditation and visualization to move oxygen and nutrients from your blood to organs and tissues. Distress and anxiety are dispelled during meditation; positive thinking with great confidence is affirmed; and concentration is emphasized. Through qi gong, you gain control of your body and mind, thereby instrumental in stimulating the circulation of your blood and qi for optimum health.

Yoga is another Oriental exercise that has been practiced for thousands of years, based on ancient theories, observations, and principles about the connection between the mind and the body. The intrinsic benefits of yoga have been proven by modern medicine. Yoga not only provides you with the most practical approach to attaining a high level of physical fitness, but also stabilizes your emotions and elevates your mental attitudes. In other words, Yoga unites your mind, your body, and your spirit. Essentially, it is a holistic approach to your well-being. Through awareness of your body’s posture, alignment, and patterns of movement, Yoga is therapeutic in that it helps your body find true harmony, thereby healing the body and the mind.

Tai Chi is all about movements to circulate your body invisible energy called qi. Smooth circulation of qi energy ensures a healthy body. Stagnant and blocked qi energy causes all sorts of chronic disease. Tai Chi is an ancient exercise that has been practiced for thousands of years as an effective alternative healing for the body and the mind. By strengthening the immune system, Tai Chi can improve your chronic disease slowly but steadily. More importantly, it can relieve your stress and calm your nerves.

Five Secret Tibetan Rites, with simple-to-do exercises, can effectively control stress by giving your body more energy and maintaining your mental alertness. These exercises have been practiced by Tibetan monks for centuries.

Get your download of my book: NO EGO NO STRESS

“No Ego No Stress” is about stress and how it can be relieved not just through relaxation techniques, but also through the ancient wisdom from China that focuses on letting go the ego-self. The book also contains the complete translated text of "Tao Te Ching", one of the most translated works in world literature.
Get the ancient Tao wisdom and be stress free.  

Also, read my book Your Golden Years and Santa Claus to find out how to live a balanced and harmonious life in your golden years with the wisdom of living in the present, the wisdom of letting go, and the wisdom of facing all life challenges -- just be happy like Santa Claus; more importantly, learn how to think and act like Santa Claus in your golden years.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Make Your Smart Baby Super Smart

Make Your Smart Baby Super Smart

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This book provides simple guidelines and a blueprint for all parents who wish to make their smart babies super smart.

After months of pregnancy, your baby has finally arrived. This has also opened a new challenging chapter in your life: how to help your baby grow and develop both physically and intellectually to the best potentials. You may easily become overwhelmed by the exhaustive information on the Internet with respect to raising a smart baby. Simplicity holds the key. Be simple in your approach to your everyday activities and interactions with your baby. Make the best and the most out of the first three years of your baby’s life to enhance and optimize brain growth with super intelligence.

This book focuses on simple games and daily activities and interactions to stimulate your baby's brain to develop language skills and spatial intelligence, even as early as one-month- old.  

Stephen Lau