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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Your Amazing Brain

The human brain is a miracle. You have an amazing mind! Your brain is made up of about 100 trillion brain cells. These nerve cells called neurons are responsible for releasing chemicals known as neurotransmitters. They are all inter-connected, and, as such, the more connections you have, the greater is your brain power. Yes, you do have an amazing brain, which is a miracle in itself!

Your brain is like a recorder, which records all information on a tape (your neurons). A good memory means your brain knows when to turn on and turn off the recorder. This is crucial. However, the "when" factor is no more than your basic memory skills, without which, you just turn on the recorder all the time. The problem is that you may have just too many tapes: when you want to look for a certain tape, you may have problems finding it right away -- which is reflected in your forgetfulness, or inability to retrieve the desired information when needed.

When you are in your forties (the beginning of senility, whether you like it or not), it takes you longer to recall things. As you continue to age, you will take longer time to process new information. Things could get worse with time: you develop the common tip-of-the-tongue problem in remembering a common word, or a familiar name. Mental deterioration will continue if you live long enough: for example, you don't remember directions, or recall lists, among other daily annoyances and frustrations. Poor memory is associated with old age and the elderly. But you can retard, if not reverse, your mental deterioration, as if everything is a miracle, because you have used up only 10 percent of the billions of your brain cells. This is the good news.
Another piece of good news is that you may not have dementia or Alzheimer's if your brain is still healthy. But you do want to avoid, or at least defer, for as long as you possibly can the occurence of the above-mentioned memory-lapse problems.

Yes, you have an amazing brain. Just learn to harness its power and potential. Mind Fitness Resources:provide everything you need to turn your brain into a miracle.

1. Memory has to do with your senses: sight, sound, smell, and touch. They are your memory skills, that is, tools for you to remember, store, and process information. Therefore, sharpen your senses to sharpen your mind. Protect and preserve your senses, for example, take care of your vision health, which is critical to having good memory, because sight is an important tool for remembering, storing, and processing information.

2. Avoid emotional upheavals, such as depression or stress, which can adversely affect your brain power. Practice daily meditation to calm your nerves, and let your brain relax and rest. Meditation is a powerful tool to optimize your memory skills. Learn how to meditate. 

3. Avoid pharmaceutical drugs wherever possible, especially over-the-counter ones, such as cold remedies and sleep aids. Drugs are dangerous chemicals that may damage your brain cells. Remember, brain cells, unlike other cells, do not regenerate, although you have billions and trillions of them. Use natural herbs and home-made medicine, which are less toxic and have fewer side effects than the chemicals of pharmaceutical drugs.

4. Good nutrition enhances brain health. The rule of thumb is: What is good for the heart is also good for the brain. Eat a diet low in animal fat.

5. Try not to do too many things too quickly at the same time. This not only creates time stress but also disorients the mind. Learn to develop the presence of mind, which is focusing your mind on the present moment. One way to do this is to the mindful of your breaths, that is, consciously aware of your breathing in and breathing out. You can practice this at any time, such as while waiting for the bus or the train.

Your brain is amazing. And you can keep it amazing for as long as you wish. If there is a will, there is a way.Read my most recent book publication: You Just Don't Die! to find out how you can rethink your mind to harness its wisdom to live the rest of your life, if you don't die, and turn it into a miracle. \

Stephen Lau
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Increase Human Wisdom

TAO wisdom is the profound human wisdom from ancient China more than 2,600 years ago. It is expressed in TAO TE CHING, one of the most translated works in world literature.

There are many translations and interpretations of Lao Tzu’s ancient classic “Tao Te Ching.”  Given that the Chinese language is often capable of multiple meanings, following the exact Chinese translation may make the flow of the language uneven and even difficult to understand. 

The book contains not only the complete 81 chapters of Lao Tzu’s immortal classic but also the author’s own interpretations of the essentials of TAO  wisdom (which is the wisdom of Lao Tzu) for easier intuition and assimilation.

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Manage Your Memory Problems

The brain is one of the most important body organs because it controls your life and well-being. But it may deteriorate over the years, causing memory loss. Besides aging, memory loss can be due to many other factors, such as brain damage, alcohol, constipation, dehydration, depression, and drugs.

Learn to manage memory problems:

  • Learn to process new information step by step, and one step at a time. That is, allow yourself to get the hang of it before you store it in your mind.
  • Get off the beaten track from time to time in order to stimulate your brain. Do something out of the ordinary every now and then.
  • Engage in challenging endeavors, such as a crossword puzzle, learning a new musical instrument or a new language., 
  • Reduce stress, which interferes with concentration and staying focused.
  • Use meditation to quiet the mind and to avoid compulsive thinking.
  • Avoid the principle of "present-mindedness" to avoid absent-mindedness. Practice concentration, and appreciate living in the present moment.

You may have a great body, but you also need a great mind to go with it. To have a great and powerful mind, you need to exercise your cognitive faculties. Writing (writing a blog), reading, sleeping (you store your memories in the deepest dream state, known as Rapid Eye Movement)), gardening (sharpening brain power with plant names, growth characteristics, soil conditions, etc.), music listening and playing  (changing neuron activities and enhancing sensory skills).

Memory has everything to do with mental awareness. Therefore, learn how to improve your memory through concentration, creativity and imagination, and visualization.

Of course, memory has also to do with nutrients, such as iron deficiency, which may affect your brain chemicals, and antioxidants to prevent the formation of free radicals that may damage brain cells.

Stephen Lau
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