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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Which Is Stressful: Concentration or Mindfulness?

Many of us do not concentrate on one thing at a time because our minds are compulsive; that is to say, our minds are multitasking. Concentrating on multiple things at the same time is always stressful.

But is concentration itself stressful?

Concentration is forcing the mind to focus on one static point using willpower. For example, if you concentrate on writing an essay or studying a topic for an examination, you may put in so much of your attention or time that you even forget your dinner. Worse, if you are multi-tasking, trying to concentrate on doing several things at the same time.

Mindfulness is different from concentration in that in mindfulness you are noticing something in a relaxed manner. That is to say, your attention is naturally spontaneous without any undue distraction.

Practice mindful walking: walking while paying attention to your steps, the movements of your limbs or focusing your eyes on the sidewalk or a distant object or building. The objective of the attention is to shut off your mind to give it a meaningful break.

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