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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Preparation for Death

Preparation for Death

Like everybody else, you would look forward to a peaceful death.

But a peaceful death is possible only when there is adequate preparation for death.

When should one begin the preparation for death?

Physically, your body has initiated such preparation as soon as it reaches its maturity: your body begins to wind down slowly and wear down gradually. However, mentally and spirituality, most of us are still unprepared until the very last moment when we are confronted with death, such as the onslaught of a chronic illness or the decease of someone close to us.

Thoughts of dying and death are so morbid that nobody wants to contemplate them. But preparation for death takes away death anxiety and enables living in faith.

Preparation for death is faith in death; it helps in the following ways:

Faith in death gives courage to get into the unknown and beyond after death without fear. Such courage is based on the relationship of trust in God’s grace and love, just as Apostle Paul expressed his relationship with God: “For to me, to live is Christ, to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21)

Faith in death gives not only insight to guide through death into paradise but also control over one’s own dying and death. Every night, before going to bed, pray just as Jesus did:  “Father into Your hands, I commend My spirit.” (Luke 23:46) Faith in death gives transformation from agony to ecstasy, just as Jesus’ crucifixion transformed Him from agony to the eternal joy of heaven. Faith in death gives positive reflections on the meaning of life, and its priorities, and thus enabling one to live in the present moment. Spiritual wisdom makes death a friend, rather than a foe.

As a believer, cling to God, not the earthly things. Let living in faith make the transition from death to eternal life.

Chuang Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher once said: “How do I know that in clinging to this life I’m not merely clinging to a dream and delaying my entry into the real world? The great earth burdens me with a body, causes me to toil in life, eases me into old age, and rests me in death. That which makes my life good, makes my death even better . . . 

Stephen Lau
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