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Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Difficult Decision

Recently, a reader asked me if I still had my myasthenia gravis (an autoimmune disease) symptoms and if I were still taking my steroid medications. I still have some of my disease symptoms, but they are relatively mild. At times, my muscles may not be as firm as I wish they were; the only way to overcome muscle weakness is to exercise more, not less. I have stopped my medications for over a decade; mind you, I used to take about 10 medications to deal with my myasthenia gravis symptoms, as well as to address the side effects from those medications, such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and loss of bone density, among others.

Now, I am completely drug free. That brings to the question: should one stop taking steroid medications to treat their myasthenia gravis symptoms?  To be honest with you, what works for me may not necessarily work for you; everyone's body constitution is different.   

In the past two decades or so, many have sought medical treatments for their “incurable” diseases, using herbs, detoxification, homeopathy, vitamins, and minerals. This holistic non-drug approach to disease control and elimination has come to be known as alternative medicine.

Nowadays, medical universities in the United States as well as in other parts of the world are offering alternative medicine courses and complementary medicine programs, while research studies on plant nutrients and vitamins and minerals are being conducted in university laboratories and clinical settings. They are strong testaments to the effectiveness of alternative disease treatments.

Indeed, in this day and age, many people are becoming frustrated with conventional medicine’s drugs, and the cut-and-burn approaches to disease. However, if you wish to seek an alternative approach to drug therapies, you should first educate yourself by reading books and other relevant materials. It is critically important to empower yourself with knowledge before you make any medical decision. But the decision should be totally yours, because nobody knows better than yourself the health conditions of own your body.

Understandably, it is a difficult decision to make. But life is full of decision-making. You have to consider how severe are your disease symptoms, and how determined you are to become drug free. To free yourself of medications, you need time and perseverance. It doesn't happen overnight; you have to wean yourself out of the medications slowly and gradually. It took me several months to stop all my medications. In addition, you need internal cleansing to provide a self-healing environment for your body through regular fasting.

I hope my book My Myasthenia Gravis will provide some useful tips to help you with your autoimmune disease.

Stephen Lau
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