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Saturday, June 22, 2013

How Saliva May Increase Mind Power

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), human saliva plays a pivotal role in mind power, especially from the Taoist perspective. Taoism is not a religion but a philosophy of life and living based on the profound wisdom of Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher (some 2,600 years ago), who authored the famous ancient classic Tao Te Ching, which has become one of the most translated books in world literature. (For more information on Tao wisdom, read my book: TAO: The Way to Biblical Wisdom.)

According to Taoist, saliva is the “spiritual fluid in the body.” From the Chinese medicine perspective, qi is the internal life energy, which is present in the human body. Qi goes to every organ through hundreds of energy channels known as meridians. If qi is blocked or becomes stagnated, internal imbalance or disharmony may result, which is the underlying cause of all human diseases and disorders. Those who practice Qi Gong exercise may experience the welling up of saliva during their practice sessions—this is an indication of the surge of qi, causing saliva to well up in the mouth.

According to Chinese medicine, saliva—a clear, watery fluid made by the body's salivary glands located inside each cheek at the bottom of the mouth and ears, as well as near the front teeth by the jawbone—has a an intricate relationship with the mind. As spiritual fluid, saliva nourishes not just the body in terms of providing digestive power, but also the mind, giving it the qi necessary for the growth and rejuvenation of brain cells. Thus, the mind becomes empowered with enhanced mental energy. Even conventional Western medicine begins to understand the subtle relationship between saliva and memory, and research is being conducted to establish the connection between saliva and the mind.

Given the immense benefits of saliva to the body and the mind, we should make saliva readily available by drinking more water (more than 8 glasses a day), by getting more natural sleep (without the use of medications), and, most importantly, by thoroughly chewing our food (as many as 30 times) before swallowing. Sucking on sugarless candies or using sugarless chewing gums to exercise the mouth and the teeth is also highly recommended. In other words, keeping the mouth active by hitting the teeth and massaging the gums with the tongue is a simple but effective way to increase the amount and volume of saliva to benefit not only the body but also the mind.

For more information on how to increase saliva, go to: The Miracle of Saliva.

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