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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Empower the Mind to Deal with a Cancer Diagnosis

To be diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic experience. Empower your mind to deal with a cancer diagnosis.

Conventional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, may not work for long-term cancer recovery. The reason is simple: they are toxic.

The conventional treatment-remission-treatment-remission approach to cancer healing often results in many adverse side effects that further aggravate the disease, leading to a vicious cycle of treatment and remission. When a cancer patient is in remission, the clinical signs may indicate that the patient is cancer-free. However, in reality, the dormant cancer cells may still be hidden somewhere in the body of the patient. The toxic environment created by the toxic treatments only help cancer cells come back with a vengeance.

Alternative cancer treatments, on the other hand, have the advantage over conventional cancer treatments in that they are non-toxic, so they can be administered continuously even long after the confirmation of clinical signs of remission. Therefore, a paradigm shift of cancer treatments from toxic to non-toxic is necessary for long-term recovery. Remember, cancer is a disease with multiple causes due to internal imbalance and disharmony. A holistic approach to cancer holds the key to curing cancer. Focusing exclusively on eradicating cancer cells from the body is not conducive to long-term cancer recovery.

There are several reasons why many cancer patients are reluctant to opt for alternative cancer treatments.

The most obvious reason is that many people have been indoctrinated with the concept that conventional medicine can work wonders, especially in this day and age with the advancement and state-of-the-art of medical science and technology.

Another reason is that Western medical doctors seldom recommend alternative cancer treatments to their patients for fear of lawsuits and challenging their own medical expertise. In addition, many doctors know little or nothing about alternative cancer treatments.

Yet another reason is that it is a myth that many alternative cancer treatments are non-scientific and never validated by qualified physicians. Nothing is more further from the truth. For example, Essiac tea, one of the most popular and efficacious cancer herbs, was clinically proven by Canadian and American doctors, including Dr. Charles A. Brusch, the personal physician to President John F. Kennedy. There are many other alternative cancer therapies, such as the Hoxsey Therapy and Dr. Gerson Therapy, among many others, which were clinically evaluated by the medical community in different parts of the world. 

The bottom line: keep an open mind when it comes to cancer treatments.

Read my book: Congratulations! You’ve Got Cancer to understand how your mind can cope with cancer. A cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. Empower your mind with knowledge; help your mind help your cancer cure.

Stephen Lau
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