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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Increase Mind Power of Your Baby

Increasing mind power begins as early as in the infant stage.

I have just published this book to provide guidelines and a blueprint for my daughter who is just about to give birth to her baby. This is a blueprint for all parents who wish to make their smart babies super smart.

Yes, you can increase the mind power of your baby as soon as he or she is born.  A baby's mind is like a blank sheet of paper, and you, if you are a smart parent, have to fill up that sheet to make your baby super smart. You don't need sophisticated toys or high-tech devices to make your baby smart. You need your time and effort -- and the know-how, of course.

After months of pregnancy, your baby has finally arrived. This has also opened a new challenging chapter in your life: how to help your baby grow and develop both physically and intellectually to the best potentials. You may easily become overwhelmed by the exhaustive information on the Internet with respect to raising a smart baby. Simplicity holds the key. Be simple in your approach to your everyday activities and interactions with your baby. Make the best and the most out of the first three years of your baby’s life to enhance and optimize brain growth with simple spatial and language skills.

This book is based on my own past experience of raising my daughter some three decades ago. I would like to share my experience with parents or parents-to-be with some simple strategies to bring up your babies wise and smart. I remember I began teaching my daughter language skills and spatial development just when she was a few months old. People around me were skeptical that I could make her smart starting at such an early age. I developed games and activities to enhance her reading skills.  As a result, she could read shortly after she turned two, and became a proficient reader as early as she was three years old. Yes, you can make your baby smart and super smart. What you need is to empower yourself with knowledge to begin to stimulate your baby’s brain at any early age with simple everyday activities and interactions.

Stephen Lau