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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Get This FREE Book to Live Well

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As If Everything Is A Miracle: This 125-page book is about the wisdom in living as if everything is a miracle, just as Albert Einstein once said: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is to live as if nothing is a miracle. The other is to live as if everything is a miracle."

This 125-page book is about the wisdom to rethink your mind, renew your body, and reconnect your soul to realign your being for total wellness and well-being to live stress-free as if everything is a miracle.

In this day and age, living in different phases of life is challenging. For one thing, in this world of technology and information, many of us are addicted to speed, which seems like a prerequisite for success in career and in many others facets of life. As a result, stress is unduly created, which may lead to toxic actions, reactions, thoughts and emotions. Consciously and subconsciously we have created for ourselves a world in which our bodies, our minds, and souls have become toxic and we live as if nothing is a miracle.

To do just the opposite—living as if everything is a miracle—we have to renew the mind, renew the body, and reconnect the soul, and realign the being so that we know who we really are, instead of who we "think" we are.

Stephen Lau
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Get Your FREE Book on Vision Heaing

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“Vision Self-Healing Self-Help" is a 147-page book on vision health based on the author's own experience of vision impairment due to his myasthenia gravis, which is an autoimmune disease affecting eye muscles and thus vision.

The book is also based on the Bates Method of vision improvement through eye exercises, as well as body, mind, and eye relaxation.

This book covers various types of eye disorders, including macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts, among others. It also includes vision nutrition.

Improve your eyesight through awareness of good vision habits, such as blinking, shifting, eye palming, and soft vision, among others. It is never too late to improve your vision and to have better eyesight. This is a holistic approach to better vision.

Stephen Lau
Copyright© by Stephen Lau

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Use Both Body and Mind to Overcome Difficulties in Weight Loss

Many people wish to lose weight, but many of them become only victims in the battle of the bulge. There are several reasons why it is so difficult to lose weight:

If you want to lose 10 pounds, consider this: 3,500 calories equal one pound of your body weight; to lose 10 pounds of body weight, you have to expend 35,000 more calories than you consume. Mathematically, to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, you need to burn 2,500 more calories a day. You know this is not a piece of cake! So forget it!

There is no magic bullet to weight loss. If you want a quick fix to your weight problem, forget it!

If you want to jump from one diet to another, your body weight will only “yo-yo” more, creating more frustration, and many more health problems down the road. Forget about fad diets!

Low-calorie foods are generally disagreeable and unpleasant to the palate. To use low-calorie foods to lose weight is an ordeal. Food is to be enjoyed. Nobody has the perseverance for sustained self-denial. Forget it!

You are living in a difficult environment—an environment that promotes overweight, if not obesity.

As a baby, you are stuffed, and your parents want you to look plump, so you would look cute.

As a child, you are told to clean up your plate, so as not to waste your food. Often times, you parents bribe you with a candy, so you would behave yourself. When you are a guest in someone's house for dinner, you never turn down a desert, so you would look appreciative of hospitality.

As an adult, you are bombarded with coupons for cheap junk food.

As an American, you are pressurized into taking the Standard American Diet (SAD). The typical Standard American Diet (SAD) is loaded with fat—unhealthy saturated and even hydrogenated fats (now they are trying to ban this from the fast food industry).

A typical fast-food burger has over 500 calories and over 30 grams of saturated fat.

Even the healthy-looking salads touted as health food in some fast-food restaurants are nothing short of calories and fat: with the fattening dressing, some may even exceed those of a burger.

Everyday about one quarter of the U.S. population eats fast food.

Twenty years ago, the average American consumed less than 2,000 calories a day, but today the average calorie consumption has increased by a staggering 60 percent.

The billion-dollar food industry is forever creating new products to allure you into eating more and gaining more. Maybe you are meant to be obese!

Effective weight management is to use both the body and the mind. That is, you must have internal body cleansing to get rid of all toxins that are responsible for food cravings, as well as harness your mind power to exercise discipline and perseverance in your fight against obesity.

Stephen Lau

Copyright© by Stephen Lau

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Empower Your Mind to Let Go of All Attachments

Attachment is human refusal to let go of anything that seems indispensable and indisposable.  It is no more than a safety blanket to overcome fear—fear of change and of the unknown from that change. To cope with that fear, all attachments become distractions.
Attachment is basically your emotional dependence on things and people that define your identity, around which you wrap your so called “happiness” and even your survival. Attachment is holding on to what you are unwilling to let go of, whether it is something positive or negative. Attachments are the source of human miseries. Worse, attachments may come in many different forms—such as careers, relationships, success, wealth—that many of us are most vulnerable to. Use your mind power to let go of all your attachments.

The ancient Tao wisdom from China provides a blueprint for nourishing human wisdom: an empty mind with reverse thinking, mindfulness for clarity thinking, living in the present with no expectations of the future, no picking and choosing, accepting and embracing everything that comes in the natural cycle of change—what goes up must always come down. True human wisdom is the ability to understand that attachments are no more than distractions of the mind from letting go of anything that is impermanent.  

You are a two-in-one person: your ego-self and your spirit. They always co-exist and are in constant struggle with each other. The more attachments you have, the more assertive and dominant your ego-self is over your spirit, which provides spiritual wisdom to help you live in the material world.

The human flaw comes from attachments of the ego-self. To overcome this flaw, human wisdom alone may be inadequate; it requires the complement of spiritual wisdom, which is turning to the Creator with trust and obedience—that is, letting go to let God control the uncontrollable in life.

This 111-page book provides inspiration from ancient Tao wisdom to enhance human wisdom to believe in spiritual wisdom of letting go to live as if everything is a miracle.

Stephen Lau
Copyright© by Stephen Lau

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Give Your Smart Kid Mind Power!

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This 117-page is based on how I taught my daughter to read some 30 years ago. 

Like all proud parents, I was and still am proud of the fact that I could teach her how to read when she just turned three (most children learn at the age of five). The TV and all electronic devices may not be as effective as YOU, the parent, to teach your child through everyday intellectual interactions, games, and activities. 

This book provides 29 steps that could begin as early as your baby is one-month-old. My daughter became a proficient reader when she was five (reading books with little or no illustrations). By seven, she would not let me teach her anything -- she could find everything from books. It paid off and it's worth all the initial efforts in teaching her to become an early reader. Now she's an attorney in the United States.  I wrote this book because she has recently become a mother herself, and that's why I wrote this book to share my experience some three decades ago.

Don't miss this opportunity to get your FREE book.

Also, read my book" Make Your Smart Baby Super Smart.

Stephen Lau

Monday, October 3, 2016

FREE Book on Cancer!

One of the underlying causes of human disease is stress. Cancer stress may even add insult to injury. Use your mind to overcome cancer stress.

Get my book on cancer stress: Congratulations! You've Got Cancer! for FREE from AMAZON between Oct 3 and Oct 7. 

This 132-page book is about what to do when one is diagnosed with cancer. I am neither a doctor nor an oncologist. This book is based on a wrong cancer diagnosis of a close member of my family. I simply show you the power of the mind not only in coping with the traumatic experience of a cancer diagnosis but also in overcoming the disease itself. In addition, I present detailed information on what an individual must do on the cancer journey of cure and recovery. A cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. Rather, it is an opportunity for growth and development. Harness your mind power to combat cancer.

Stephen Lau