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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Your Mind and Your Healthy Aging

Getting old is a new experience: it is quite different from what you imagined when you were young. You don’t know what getting old is really like until you have become old. To explain getting old to someone who is still young is like a bird explaining to a fish the sensation of flight.

Physically, you may have backache, short breath, and a host of other health problems. Emotionally and mentally, you may be preoccupied with the challenging thought that everything will not continue the way it is indefinitely: your health may deteriorate, and with its deterioration, everything in your life may fall apart. It is this challenging thought of unwelcome changes arriving suddenly and without warning that unnerves you. Another challenging thought of getting old is retirement, which may not be for everybody. There is a saying: “The more of a somebody you once were, the more difficult it is to revert to being a nobody.” Retirement may be rude awakening for many.

In life, you have opened as many doors as you have closed. You may have the challenging thought that this may be the one final door you will open, and then it will be closed on you for good.

Whatever problems you may encounter, you have to look at them in perspective. Remember, life is full of problems—at any age. Having the right mindset is critically important. It is all in the mind, and is always mind over matter. Use the mind to control your body to bring about self-healing, to deal with your emotions resulting from daily stress and challenge, and to enlighten your soul to find peace of mind.

Stephen Lau
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