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Monday, May 8, 2017

Healthy Mind for Longevity

It is important to develop a sense of purpose and future-oriented goals to help you along your life journey as you continue to age. To meet the challenges of aging, you need a healthy mind for your longevity living. 

How to Help Your Mind Help You 

If, unfortunately, you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or cancer, you may need help. More specifically, you need to help your mind help you. First and foremost, healing from any disease or disorder begins with the mind, and not the body. 

How can your mind help you? How can you help your mind help you? And how can your mind help your prognosis, healing, and rejuvenation? 

First of all, admit that any disease or disorder you may now have does not result from a single causal factor. At this point in time, do not strive to find out what might have caused it. Instead, use your mind to eliminate all potential disease-contributing factors. 

Mental awareness 

To enhance your mind power, you must develop and sharpen your mental awareness. What is mental awareness? 

Other than manifesting its intentions, the mind also expresses its power as mental awareness, which is acute attention of the mind and the body. Most of us do not really pay much attention to the body—except when we are experiencing physical pain—let alone pay much attention to the mind. But mental awareness is important to longevity living because the mind and the body are interconnected. 

Mental awareness is essentially body consciousness or mental attention to the physical conditions and the needs of the body in relation to how the mind thinks. Mental awareness holds the key to both physical and mental wellness of an individual. The brain and the body are interconnected. The body is created to support the mind. Your thoughts affect your body sensations. For example, if you are kissing someone you love, it is more than a physical sensation: your mind becomes elated, and your soul rejoices as well. 

Accordingly, sharpen your mind power to enhance your awareness of your body first. If you feel that your body, mind, and soul are not connected, most probably you lack body awareness by your mind in the first place. Indeed, many people are not really paying conscious attention to their bodies at all times. To illustrate, how often we look at something without seeing it at all because our minds are somewhere else. When the mind is not paying its full attention, the body becomes incapacitated; when the body becomes fully conscious, the mental capacity becomes sharpened. It is just that simple. 

Body awareness is simply paying full attention to what your body is doing at that present moment. In other words, be conscious of what your body is doing when you are eating, walking, or doing just about anything. Unfortunately, at most times, our minds are distracted by past thoughts and projections of those thoughts into the future; rarely, do we focus our minds on the present moment. If you are more aware of your body, you will learn to breathe better (that is, breathing with your diaphragm with longer exhalation than inhalation), to have a better posture, and to slow down. Mental awareness brings about a healthy mind, which plays a pivotal role in longevity living.  

Stephen Lau 
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